Sound Solutions for Children’s Mental Health

A generous donation of noise-mitigating wall art from Audimute is going to make all the difference to Center for Child Counseling’s new Child and Family Center offices and play therapy rooms located in the Palm Health Pavilion at St. Mary’s Medical Center.

Children at play are noisy — just ask any parent! Now imagine you work with exuberant children all day long and that your offices share walls and hallways with their playrooms. The din can be pretty disruptive. That was the situation for dozens of therapists at the Center for Child Counseling in our wonderful new offices located in the Palm Health Pavilion on the grounds of St. Mary’s Hospital in West Palm Beach. CfCC’s Child and Family Center moved into the new facilities in January and have been getting settled in but finding a happy sound balance between our playrooms, which can be loud and our offices where we need to do careful reporting and administrative work was a challenge.

Now, we’ve had help solving that problem thanks to an incredibly generous donation from Audimute, a company that specializes in producing eco-friendly, sound-dampening acoustic solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Audimute donated hundreds of acoustic tiles–8 boxes full, in fact–to us for their walls. Audimute has its headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, far from our home base. But that was no problem for Audimute…they picked up the shipping costs to deliver the products, too!

When our therapists opened the boxes, they were amazed at the variety and quality of the tiles – all designed to delight children. “Play is a child’s language and toys are their words,” explains CfCC’s CEO, Renée Layman. “That’s why we use play therapy with our clients who can be as young as two years old. Many of these children are suffering the effects of abuse and trauma. Having a bright, cheerful, safe place where they can just have fun and express themselves alongside a skilled therapist goes a long way to help them on their journey to recovery.”

The hundreds of donated tiles instantly brought new life to the organization’s play therapy rooms. “They’re terrific as art and to ensure privacy for our clients,” says Stephanie de la Cruz, the Center’s Director of Clinical Services. “They’ve also transformed our offices into tranquil places we can enjoy.”

Center for Child Counseling wishes to thank Audimute and its Founder and President, Mitch Zlotnik, for their caring and creative commitment to our kids. Your contribution helps make therapy a less daunting experience for children who we believe should always be joyful, playful, and hopeful.

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