A Way of Being

A New Way of Being

What if there was a way for you to simply "be" around children -- a better way? A more effective way to handle difficult behaviors and emotions? Would you embrace ideas that could bring your family closer together and make the time you spend with your child happier and more fulfilling?

Imagine relationships where children felt accepted and parents, teachers, or caregivers felt empowered. Well, there is a way and it's based on decades of research into childhood brain development, the expertise of countless professionals, and a wealth of information on building resilience. In fact, our work is based on this way of being and is the cornerstone philosophy of our approach.

Now, we're sharing it with you. Our updated manual and online training entitled "A Way of Being with Children: A Trauma-Informed Approach to Building Resilience" is essential information for parents, teachers, childcare workers, or anyone who lives or regularly interacts with children and families.

What is a Trauma-Informed Approach?

Our goal is to build a more trauma-informed community so that children can grow up with adults who understand the impact of trauma and adversity and do not risk re-traumatizing children through their words or actions. Being trauma-informed involves understanding, sensitivity, and a deep knowledge of how trauma can affect a child's growing brain and potentially result in lifelong physical and mental health implications.

'A Way of Being with Children' Manual and Online Training

The 2021 edition of "A Way of Being with Children" offers practical, insightful information, strategies, and activities for educators, parents, and adult caregivers of children. The manual and online training focus on attitude, knowledge, and skills to foster positive caregiver-child relationships.

The spiral-bound manual has over 80 pages of practical advice and technique-building exercises, including hints and tips for success. The content includes additional references and resources, including screening tools for Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Resiliency.

Purchase the manual via the link below or receive your copy when you register for the 5.5 hour online training! Online training includes one month of 24/7 on-demand access.  

Manual Preview

A Way of Being Tips

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