Writing and Journaling

Safely Examine Feelings Through Creative Writing and Journaling

As children get older, especially as they approach their tween and teen years, they start to be more aware of privacy and personal space. Children who are natural writers may find it helpful to write their thoughts, experiences, and feelings down.

Some prefer to do this in a form of a diary where they examine the day's or week's experiences, others prefer to fictionalize their accounts by working through life experiences in creative, fictionalized stories. Either way, studies show that journaling is a great outlet for children. It can help them vent frustration and work through confusing feelings.

A journal can be a safe (but preferably not secretive) place to share in a way that doesn't require the trust of another person. It is best to respect the privacy of a child's journal unless their words and behavior give you reason to be concerned. You can agree on these boundaries ahead of time.

In the brief video below, Tyne explains how journaling can help your child or teen safely express their feelings.

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