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We are building the capacity of professionals to provide evidence-based, best practice interventions that support the mental health, healing, and well-being of children, teenagers, and their families.

Workshops and Training

Keep Up-to-Date on the Latest Practice and Interventions

In addition to workshops, we offer intensives, follow-up consultation, and online training through weLEARNplay. Visit our Calendar of Events for information about upcoming workshops.

Our workshops are not only informative, but include hands-on exercises designed to enhance learning. Participants leave with skills and strategies they can immediately implement with children and families.

Healing the Healers

Healing the HealerMay is Mental Health and Trauma-Informed Care Awareness Month. The theme this year is Resiliency and Community Healing. Get your green on and join us for opportunities to learn, heal, and grow!

Feeling stressed and burnt-out?

“You can’t pour from an empty cup…” If you consider yourself a healer or helper and you constantly GIVE – join us in May to refill your cup.

FREE until May 31st! Our 4-hour Healing the Healers training is designed to address the stress and various challenges faced by helpers and healers in the medical, mental, and behavioral health professions.


Learning Objectives:

  • Types, Causes, and Impacts of Stress
  • Biology and Physiology of Stress
  • Exploring ACEs and their Relationship to Stress and Well-Being
  • Challenges Faced by Specific Groups of Helpers and Healers
  • COVID-19 and the Impact on Helpers and Healers
  • Self-Care and Resilience Building

Regular Cost: $250 without CEUs or $275 with 4 State of Florida CEUs for LCSW, LMHC, and LMFTs. Use the promo code GYGO23 to register for FREE. REGISTER NOW!

On-Demand Workshops

Learn from the Comfort of Your Home

Registration includes 24/7 on-demand access for 30 days! Current clinical workshops include...

ACEs, Trauma, and Toxic Stress

This 1.5 hour online workshop is ideal for professionals and caregivers who are interested in learning about the impact of adversity and trauma on children, including shifting practice to become more trauma-informed.

Cost: 1.5 Hours $20 for 1.5 CEUs.

CLICK HERE to learn more or register.

ACEs: Trauma to Resilience

This 2.5 hour online workshop provides an overview of the ACE study, the Impact of ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) on Brain Development, Results of ACEs, and Resilience.

CLICK HERE to learn more or register.

Cost: $35

Trauma and Play Therapy

The focus of this one hour workshop is using Play Therapy with clients who have experienced trauma. Specific activities and strategies are explored.

CLICK HERE to learn more or register.

Cost: $25  (1 hour Play Therapy non-contact APT and 1 State of Florida CEU included).

Termination in Play Therapy

The focus of this 1 hour online, on-demand training is effective termination of Play Therapy services

Termination is a crucial aspect of any therapy process and can be difficult for both client and therapist. However, when done successfully, the end of therapy can be a positive experience with a long-lasting impact on both the client and therapist. Termination of therapy is an opportunity for closure and for the client and therapist to review the personal growth that has unfolded over the course of treatment.

Workshop Objectives:

  1. Describe the importance of proper termination in Play Therapy.
  2. Identify procedures of ending the Play Therapy experience.
  3. Explain the process of terminating therapeutic relationship between clients and therapists in the playroom.
  4. List at least 3 termination activities to use in Play Therapy.

CLICK HERE to learn more or register now.

The cost of this 60-minute on-demand workshop is $25, including 1 non-contact APT CEs and State of Florida CEUs. Note: Play Therapy credit may not be awarded to non-mental health professionals.

Play Therapy with Families

The focus of this one-hour online workshop is using play in sessions with families. Specific activities and strategies are explored.

CLICK HERE to learn more or register.

Cost: $25 includes 1 non-contact APT and State of Florida CEU.

Child-Centered Group Play Therapy

The focus of this 1.5-hour online training is using Child-Centered Group Play Therapy (CCGPT) with young children experiencing social, emotional, behavioral, and/or relational difficulties.

Child-Centered Group Play Therapy (CCGPT) is an evidence-based intervention that allows children to experience social interactions with 2-4 group members to learn, practice, and enhance new social and coping skills. This training provides participants with information on CCGPT, principles and skills a child-centered play therapist should acquire as well as specific techniques and strategies used in child-centered group play therapy through reviewing session videos.

Workshop Objectives:

Participants will be able to describe the history, objectives, and concepts of child-centered play therapy;
Participants will be able to outline the principles to guide child-centered play therapist;
Participants will be able to explain nonverbal and verbal skills of child-centered play therapist;
Participants will be able to describe child-centered group play therapy procedures; and
Participants will be able to discuss techniques and strategies used in child-centered group play therapy.

CLICK HERE to learn more or register now.

The cost of this 90-minute on-demand workshop is $35, including 1.5 non-contact APT CEs and State of Florida CEUs. Note: Play Therapy credit may not be awarded to non-mental health professionals.

Healthy Babies, Healthy Children, Healthy Life: A Symposium

Have you ever heard of Adverse Babyhood Experiences (ABEs)—which are distinct from Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)? Do you wonder how healing, prevention, and building resiliency can mitigate trauma? Then this symposium is for you!

In an exclusive partnership with Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition of Palm Beach County and Center for Child Counseling, we are honored to host presentations from distinguished mental health professionals focusing on babies, children, and families.

Cost: access to the full, on-demand symposium which includes 3 workshops is only $60, including 5 CEUs, or each workshop is $30 (Including CEUs). We offer discounts to non-profit employees and students!

CLICK HERE to learn more or register.

Foundation of Addressing the Social-Emotional Wellness of Children Using Play

This 10-hour online course is only $150. The course is ideal for mental health professionals and students who are interested in an overview of Play Therapy, including the history and theories of play.

This course is approved through the Association for Play Therapy. 10 CEUs.

CLICK HERE to learn more or register.

Registration includes 30-day, unlimited access to complete the course! Note: add $10 to course fee for State of Florida CEUs.

Interns and Students - Email us for a 30% discount on Play Therapy workshops! Please include the name of your university and major in the request.

Play Therapy Workshops

Play is the young child’s language and toys are their words. Play helps children make sense of their world, express their feelings, learn new skills, and heal after traumatic events.

Center for Child Counseling is an approved provider of Play Therapy Continuing Education through the Association for Play Therapy, which has developed policies, standards, and the credentialing for the practice of Play Therapy.

Our trainers are credentialed, well-trained, and have access to the most recent research and interventions in play.

Visit our Play Therapy page to learn more!

Continuing Education

CLICK HERE to view our training and events calendar. Please note: ongoing, online training options only appear on the calendar once since these workshops span multiple months.

Interested in having staff  in your organization trained? Contact Us to learn more about our workshops on PACEs and Trauma-Informed Care, Infant Mental Health, Play Therapy, and more.

Center for Child Counseling is approved by the Association for Play Therapy, APT Approved Provider #09-263. Continuing Education Provider Approved by: Florida Board of Psychology, Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy, and Mental Health Counseling - #50-11511.

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