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Online ACEs, Trauma, and Toxic Stress Workshop


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In the absence of protective relationships, toxic stress in childhood impacts an individual's well-being across the lifetime. This workshop provides an overview of the ACE Study, Trauma, Toxic Stress and the Impact on Health. Resilience and Building a Trauma-Informed Approach is also explored. By building the capacity of adults in our community to address this issue, we can nurture the social-emotional wellness of the next generation.

This online workshop is a general introduction that is appropriate for teachers, caregivers, professionals, and anyone who is interested in learning more about adverse childhood experiences and what we can all do to foster resilience. By shifting our perspective and recognizing that behaviors may be fueled by feelings a child may not be able to manage, we are able to build the foundation to help children impacted by adversity.


The Center for Child Counseling is approved through the Florida Board of Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists, and Licensed Mental Health Providers #50-11511. The cost of the online workshop is $20, $30 with 1.5 CEUs.

Workshop Reviews

“The science of how adverse childhood experiences impact individuals across the lifespan is important for every clinician or administrator working with families to understand. This excellent review should be mandatory training for anyone involved in human services. Highly recommended.” Neil Walden Boris, M.D., Director, Irving Harris Training Institute, Center for Prevention and Early Intervention Policy, Florida State University

"Great training! I appreciated the use of visual -videos and charts- to explain the topics. I also enjoyed the first activity, because it included the trainee and assisted with self-reflection." Eunice Salvador MS, Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern, Center for Child Counseling.

"The material provided within the course outlined necessary foundational information for beginning to heal ACEs. Therapists, teachers and others in the community who work with children can definitely benefit from this workshop." Anonymous, from Course Feedback Survey.

Intensive Workshops for Groups




We provide intensive training for child development centers, schools, agencies, and communities. The training is individualized for the setting, with core components including:

Initial 4-Hour Workshop Cost: $1,200 (monthly follow-up consultation is available to implement strategies into practice)

Participants will learn:

  • About the ACE study, including the ACE Pyramid which provides the conceptual framework for the study;
  • Outcome and Findings of the ACE study;
  • Team Building Exercise with the Brain Architecture Game (this gets each team thinking and working together, while learning!);
  • Definition of Toxic Stress and its Impact on the Developing Brain throughout the Lifespan;
  • Impact of Early Adversity on Lifelong Health – Emotional and Physical;
  • About the ACEs and Resilience Surveys, including their own scores;
  • How Resilience Trumps ACEs; 
  • The importance of creating trauma-informed and resilience-building practices based on the findings of the ACEs research; 
  • Role plays practicing effective communication strategies, including reflective statements; and
  • Shifting Thinking and Practice to become Trauma-Informed.

Interested in becoming a trauma informed organization? Please email us for more information.