Childhood Trauma Response Program

child trauma

Impact of Trauma on Children

Child traumatic stress occurs when children are exposed to traumatic events or traumatic situations, and when this exposure overwhelms their ability to cope with what they have experienced.

Every month in Palm Beach County, an average of 50 children under the age of six are removed from their homes due to abuse, neglect, or domestic violence. 

Many abused or neglected children have difficulty developing a strong healthy attachment to a caregiver.

Children who do not have healthy attachments are more vulnerable to stress, have trouble controlling and expressing emotions, and may react violently or inappropriately to situations. 

Program Model

Education and promotion of trauma-informed care throughout child welfare and juvenile justice systems, including:

  • Multimedia ACEs and Trauma-Informed Care awareness;
  • Community-wide PACEs (Positive and Adverse Childhood Experiences), toxic stress, and trauma education;
  • Free, online access to A Way of Being with Children: A Trauma-Informed Approach for Building Resilience workshops and curriculum;
  • Information and resources for schools, organizations, and communities on PACEs, through resources and our toolkit;
  • Leadership and community-wide training, advocacy, and awareness efforts through our Fighting ACEs Initiative.
  • PACEs, TIC, and Child Development training for child welfare staff, Department of Juvenile Justice, local law enforcement, attorneys and judges, foster care agencies, staff at group homes, community partners, and families; and
  • Online, on-demand and live virtual trainings for parents and caregivers.

Center for Child Counseling's A Way of Being With Children: A Trauma-Informed Approach to Building Resilience provides the foundation for our approach with foster and adoptive parents, child serving agency staff, and other adult caregivers.

Foster and Adoptive Mother, and Child Advocate

About Bailey Highes

Bailey Hughes is a wife, mother, and former special educator for the Palm Beach County School District. Over the last 5 years, Bailey and her husband fostered twenty-three children and adopted 4 of those children.

Through this process, Bailey has seen the deep trauma that children within Palm Beach County are experiencing on a daily basis and has personal experience with seeing how mental health can affect not only a child but their family.

Bailey is an active advocate in the child welfare system, Board Director at Center for Child Counseling, and co-founder of The Hands and Feet. The nonprofit was developed to serve the immediate needs of foster and kinship families taking in a new child.

Improve Your Way of Being with Children

Free resources for using a trauma-informed approach to addressing challenging behaviors, promoting positive caregiver-child relationships, and developing overall wellbeing and resilience.

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