Art Activities

Every Child is a Natural Artist

Children are natural artists who love to draw, paint, sculpt, sing, dance, and act. Bring out the natural artist, architect, or performer in your child by helping them showcase their creative artistry!

This kind of play requires imagination and stretches your child to think beyond their physical surroundings. You can create a simple puppet theater or play dress up with your child which will naturally develop into role playing.

One great aspect of paying attention to your child's art is that is can be very revealing, and so can their play. Children use art to express their feelings. Examine what your child draws and look for themes or ideas that come up again and again. You will quickly identify not only your child's special talents, which you can then encourage, but also any fears or issues they might be working through.

In the brief video below, Tyne provides an overview of using art with your child.

Other Resources

Here are some great activities you can do with your child:

Examples of materials from our Home Therapy Play and Tool Kits (or other everyday household items you can use): crayons, magic markers, colored pencils, watercolors, scissors, glue stick, glue, tape, staplers, construction paper, white paper, paper people/faces, paper lunch bags, paper plates, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, milk cartons/jugs, egg cartons, toilet paper/paper towel cardboard rolls, coffee cans, yarn, string, and ribbon.

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