CCSEW Program

Promoting Healthy Relationships

Children are not born with resilience. It is the result of the interaction of biological systems and protective factors in the social environment.

The active ingredients in building resilience are positive relationships with parents, teachers, caregivers, and other adults in the community. It is vital that adults have the core capabilities - executive functioning and self-regulation skills - needed to promote resilience through safe, nurturing relationships.

Our Childcare and Community Social-Emotional Wellness (CCSEW) Program uses a multilayered approach with prevention, early intervention, and mental health services for children, their teachers and adult caregivers, and families. As our flagship program, CCSEW has won many awards,  including the prestigious Florida Blue Foundation Sapphire Award for advancing health equity.

Program Model

Promotion of trauma-informed strategies throughout the childcare center, school, and community, including:

  • Multimedia ACEs and Trauma-Informed Care awareness;
  • PACEs (Positive and Adverse Childhood Experiences), toxic stress, and trauma education;
  • Parent, teacher, and caregiver workshops, role modeling, and mental health consultation;
  • Free, online access to A Way of Being with Children workshops and curriculum;
  • Classroom-based screening and observations, support, and groups;
  • Classroom-based social-emotional wellness curriculum, including mindfulness activities, play, and books that promote expression of feelings and self-regulation;
  • Information and resources for schools and communities on PACEs, through resources and our toolkit; and
  • Leadership and community-wide training, advocacy, and awareness efforts through our Fighting ACEs Initiative.

Center for Child Counseling's A Way of Being With Children: A Trauma-Informed Approach to Building Resilience provides the foundation for our approach with parents, teachers, and other adult caregivers.

Building Caregiver and Community Capacity

The science of prevention shows that we don’t have to wait for a child to fall apart emotionally before we do something, so building the capacity of caregivers and our entire community is essential.  

Using a public health approach as the foundation of our model, CCSEW combines the research on brain development, mental health and trauma; putting the science into practice. The program is embedded within childcare centers and schools throughout Palm Beach County, focusing on prevention and early identification of mental health and behavioral concerns for children experiencing adverse childhood experiences, chronic stress, loss, and trauma.

CCSEW in Action

Featured by Education Week, July 2022 at The Fuller Center. We partner with the center in Boca Raton to provide on-site services and support.

Program Overview

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