Feelings at Play

Explore Feelings with Your Child Using Fun Activities

Managing big emotions can be a challenge for adults; imagine how hard it must be for young children who haven't yet developed the brain capacity to fully understand what they're feeling! Often, children don't have the words to express what they are feeling and their frustration can manifest itself as anger and even tantrums.

As loving caregivers, we can help children understand and work through their emotions in healthy ways. This is called self-regulation and can make all the difference to your child's success at school and in life. Children who struggle with regulation can exhibit negative, disruptive behaviors and affect the atmosphere of their homes and classrooms. Children who do well with self-regulation may still experience outbursts but are able to recover more quickly and express how they are feeling more easily.

Help grow your child's emotional intelligence, develop empathy, and teach them how to understand and express their feelings in fun and innovative ways.

In the brief video below, Tyne explains ways to help explore your child's feelings with fun activities.

Other Resources

Here are some fun activities to help explore your child's feelings:



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