Circle of Giving

Safety. Connection. Hope.

Chaired by Melissa Haley, our Circle of Giving was created as a part of her vision to make lasting change in the lives of children, families, and communities impacted by adverse childhood experiences and trauma. The aim is simple - to take action and drive advocacy towards a brighter future.


Be ACEs aware and informed. Become a trainer and spread awareness. Sign your place of employment or organization up for training that will change your view of community forever.


Encourage business leaders to invest in early childhood development to grow a future thriving economy with brilliant minds to lead it. Show them the ROI of prevention programs.

Actively engage on a more personal level through your time, talent, and treasure. Host and volunteer at events. Provide expert consultation and support. Volunteer your time in our programs.

Send letters and information to policy makers urging them to drive supportive change. Become an advocate at the local, state, or federal level to change policies and support legislation.

We invite you to join our circle and find your place in this crucial work.

Whether you are interested in building skills and knowledge, speaking out on behalf of those who have been affected, investing in innovative solutions, or making a financial contribution to support our cause, there is a place for you in the Circle of Giving.

Help ensure the safety of all children in our community.

Promote awareness, advocacy, and action to mitigate the impact of ACEs and trauma.

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Every child deserves to grow up protected, safe, and loved. You make it possible.

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