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Here we have compiled some of our favorite videos about Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), childhood trauma, and building resilience from some of the world's leading experts. You can visit our YouTube channel for the 'Fighting ACEs' Playlist to view all videos, or browse the topics below.


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An Overview of ACEs

Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are common – and in the absence of positive, buffering relationships (relational health) and connection to others, they can cause long-lasting harm.

ACEs include experiences such as witnessing violence or growing up in a household with a family member struggling with a serious mental illness or addiction. When children experience multiple negative events like these in the absence of healthy relationships, their bodies can be flooded with stress hormones, increasing their risk for later health problems.

Toxic Stress

The Developing Brain

ACEs, Trauma and Health

Reducing the Effects of Trauma

Dr Bruce Perry, Senior Fellow of The Child Trauma Academy, Houston, Texas is one of the world's leading experts on childhood trauma. In this video, he talks about the impact of trauma in early childhood and the need to shift policy and practice.

Hand Model of The Brain

Dr Daniel Siegel is a world famous neuroscientist and Professor. He developed The Hand Model of the brain which allows us to picture our brain structure and understand why it’s difficult to control our reactions when we’re overwhelmed with strong emotions, especially stress.

Due to developmental factors, children are more susceptible to stress. The hand model of the brain helps them imagine what’s happening inside their brain when they get upset so that they can identify and deal with negative emotions more effectively.

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