Ways to Talk to Children

Tackling Difficult Conversations

Every day, we are bombarded by news and media coverage of conflict, war, school shootings, and other issues going on in our community and around the world. This is anxiety-provoking for most adults, and it’s raising questions and concerns for children too.

The horror and senseless violence of a school shooting is overwhelming to wrap one's head around and may seem impossible to explain to children. With ‘Ways to Talk to Children’ we are putting together information and resources to help you navigate those tough conversations, like schools shootings or war, with your child.

Ways to Talk About Grief

Grief is the intense emotional reaction and distress in response to loss, usually associated with death.

Grief can encompass other forms of loss, separation, or the ending of a close relationship. Grief is a natural process and often a significant part of processing and moving beyond the pain to create new direction and a shift in daily life.

The thought of having to explain grief to a child can leave us feeling uncertain about the best way to approach the topic to avoid causing unnecessary distress for the child. CLICK HERE for our free workshop. We hope you find these resources helpful.

Other Resources:

Talking to Children About School Shootings

Tip Sheet

Trying to make sense of the horror that is a school shooting feels difficult to comprehend or put into words. Attempting to explain it to young children and provide the assurances that they need may seem overwhelming and challenging.

We hope this resource provides some guidance.

Other Resources...

Resources for Other Tough Topics

Tip Sheets


Free Workshops

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