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About the Program

Since 2009, KidSafe has empowered over 60,000 children with personal safety education, focusing on sexual abuse prevention and awareness. The program also teaches safety skills that help children make safe and smart choices in all areas of their lives as they become healthy, powerful adults! And because children need educated, aware protectors, we have taught over 50,000 grown-ups (parents, guardians, teachers, and child-serving professionals) how to keep them safe.

One in four girls and one in thirteen boys will report they were sexually abused by the age of 18. It is estimated that only 38% of children report. Children require age-appropriate tools and skills to stay safe. With KidSafe’s personal safety and smart decision-making education, children learn to recognize their feelings, go to their Safe Adults, and speak assertively when they feel uncomfortable. Through a fun—not fearful—interactive education, they can be taught what a right to safety really means and that there is strength and support in asking for help.

Children need to be able to rely on their Grown-Up so, we teach adults how to keep them safe.

It is important for adults to learn how to communicate safety awareness and skills to children. When we foster an open discussion with our children, students, and kids in our care, we teach them that coming to a trusted adult will protect them. From educators, to parents, to child-serving professionals in the community, we offer trainings that make adults better vanguards of safety for children.

KidSafe Training Options

Preventing Child Abuse, Exploitation, and Trafficking.

Children who educated about their personal safety are more empowered to report when they feel “uncomfortable” thereby preventing sexual abuse or a continuous cycle of abuse and a lifetime of health concerns.

Stay KidSafe!™ is an innovative, evidence-informed and research-based curriculum designed for children, from kindergarten to 5th grade. The curriculum is approved by the School District of Palm Beach County.


FREE Enrollment for School Counselors and Teachers!

Are You a School Counselor or Teacher? We want you to have the skills and tools that empower children and prevent sexual abuse, trafficking, and substance abuse.

The developmentally, age-appropriate curriculum simplifies the sensitive topic of child abuse, trafficking, and substance abuse prevention. As a facilitator, you will receive all of the materials – including training – to provide a fun program that teaches children protective factors from a place of empowerment, not fear. The Stay KidSafe!™ curriculum is approved by the School District of Palm Beach County and State of Georgia

Empowered Children Become Powerful Adults

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