Nature and Outdoor Play

Rediscover the Joys of Childhood by Playing Outdoors in Nature

Children really seem to come alive when they are outdoors. The open space gives them room to run, jump, skip, scamper, and even do cartwheels! The extra room to spin and twirl allows children the opportunity to release excess energy. Simply being outside means the chance to interact with nature, whether it's a huge park or a small backyard.

For those without access to open spaces, try bringing nature indoors with pot plants, window gardens, or, if your child is ready for the responsibility, fish tanks and terrariums. You can start a nature tray in your child's room where they can collect interesting discoveries and display them.

Outdoor play helps your child's development by honing large and fine motor skills. Time spent in nature can improve your child's fitness, their vocabulary (as they tend to share their findings and want to discuss them), and help them with focus and attention-to-detail since so many of the natural wonders children enjoy are very small.

In the delightful TedTalk below, 6-year-old Janelle Lin encourages kids just like her to spend more time outdoors, try new activities, and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Other Resources

Here are some fun ideas to engage your child in nature play:

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