Pretend Play

Use Imaginative or Pretend Play to Expand Your Child’s World

Children have huge imaginations and are great mimics. They often copy adults’ actions and behaviors. This helps them learn about the world around them and understand it. Almost all play is creative in some way, but some activities are better than others. Role playing in the form of dress up or putting on or making costumes encourages creative play.

By assuming the role of another, children are learning empathy (understanding another’s point of view) and empathy is one of the core attributes of successful human beings. Puppets and acting out scenes are also great ways to pretend play.

In the brief video below, Tyne provides an overview and benefits of pretend play.

Other Resources

Examples of materials from our Home Therapy Play and Tool Kits (or other everyday household items you can use): pretend food and cooking items, pots and pans, doctor kit, baby dolls, doll house, puppets, finger puppets, stuffed animals, toy cars/rescue vehicles, magic wands, cardboard box, masks, character costumes, and grown-ups' clothing.

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