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Awareness. Action. Advocacy.

Childhood trauma is a pervasive issue that affects countless families, communities, and our nation. The costs of inaction are significant and the need for action is more urgent than ever. By engaging leaders with diverse voices, Lead the Fight aims to bring awareness, action, and advocacy to the critical issue of preventing and mitigating the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and childhood trauma.

Conversations, with local and national experts, are helping to create solutions, mobilize action, and support lasting change.

2024 Pediatric Educational Series

The Trauma-Informed Pediatric Practice

Pediatricians are on the frontlines of a youth mental health crisis. Launching on April 17, Dr. Shannon Fox-Levine will lead our 2024 invitation-only series which will focus on education, practical strategies, and a toolkit of resources to implement trauma-informed strategies into your pediatric practice.

  • Part I : We are the Boots on the Ground!
    How you too can provide pediatric mental health integration by being trauma-informed in your primary care and subspecialty offices.
  • Part II: The Superheroes have arrived!
    Learn how Palm Beach County Schools are helping students in mental health crisis with the CAPE Team and other mental health services.
  • Part III: Positivity will give HOPE for our future!
    Understanding the effect of Positive Childhood Experiences (PCEs) on countering the long-term possible effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences.

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About Our Work

Research shows that Adverse Childhood Experiences or ACEs and childhood trauma are at the root of many crises our communities face today. Gun violence, domestic abuse, overflowing jails, homelessness, child abuse, addiction, chronic disease, and mental illness--compounded by adverse community environments, are often the adult results of early childhood trauma. 

 “As a society, we simply can't afford to wait for children to fall apart emotionally before we do something. From ACEs science, effective strategies have emerged. It’s time to invest in them. NOW.” --Renée Layman, CEO at Center for Child Counseling. 

Our Corporate Partners

Go to our Lead the Fight playlist on YouTube to watch previous events.

Simple Actions to Take Your Place in Fighting ACEs


Learn. Become ACEs aware and informed. Sign your place of employment or organization up for training that will change your view of community forever.


Invest. Encourage businesses to invest in early childhood development to grow a future thriving economy with the brilliant minds to lead it.


Donate. Actively engage on a more personal level through your time, talent, and treasure. Host and volunteer at events. Provide  consultation.


Advocate. Send information to policy makers urging them to drive change. Become an advocate at the local, state, or federal level to support legislation.

Every child deserves to grow up feeling safe and loved. You can make it possible.

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