Pediatric Integration

Partnering to Promote Mental Health

Research shows that having mental health screening and services embedded within pediatric primary care settings is the best way to promote children’s overall health and well-being.

For over ten years our CEO, Renée Layman, and Dr. Shannon Fox-Levine, President and Pediatrician at Palm Beach Pediatrics, have been passionate advocates for children's mental health. They both realize the importance of mental health as a part of overall health and well-being. Center for Child Counseling and Palm Beach Pediatrics are now partnering to achieve their vision of healthy, resilient children and families in Palm Beach County.

1 in 5 children will experience a mental health disorder at some point, with recent statistics showing rising rates of anxiety and depression in children and teenagers. 75% of children are seen in primary care settings and pediatricians are the trusted experts for much of a child's life. Additionally, they are often the first to see the impact of mental health and behavioral concerns. Pediatric offices provide the ideal setting for mental health screening, early intervention, treatment, and support.

This innovative partnership was launched to support patients at Palm Beach Pediatrics through an array of mental health services, care coordination, and support. Have questions or need support? Email us now.

Information and Resources

What to Expect

Our goal is to support your child's and family's mental health and well-being. Right now, the need is great and we continue to build our team of therapists so we can provide immediate care. For more information about what to expect, click here.

To reach our Care Coordinator dedicated to your care, please email us. Please note that to be eligible for services under this program, basic consents need to be signed, including a release of information so we can coordinate care with your provider at Palm Beach Pediatrics.

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