Resources for Parents and Caregivers

Center for Child Counseling is a resource for parents and caregivers who live or work with children. Our goal is to provide helpful, reliable, and scientifically-sound resources that give you ways to talk to children, help children heal after trauma, cope with loss or stress, and build resilience.

We are a proud partner of Sesame Street in Communities, which provides a wealth of resources and activities on a wide variety of topics. Here are some topics you may be interested in exploring:

Promoting Positive Childhood Experiences

Ways to Play

Play is essential because it contributes to the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development and well-being of your child. Play also offers a great opportunity for you, as a parent or caregiver, to positively engage and interact with your child.


Tackling Tough Conversations

Ways to Talk

Every day, we are bombarded by news and media coverage of conflict, war, school shootings, and other issues going on in our community and around the world. This is anxiety-provoking for most adults, and it’s raising questions and concerns for children too.

We developed ‘Ways to Talk to Children’ as a resource to help you navigate tough conversations, like schools shootings or war, with your child.


Build Healthy Relationships

A Way of Being

Growing up has never been easy - children have always faced the challenges of making friends, adapting to new environments, and coping with the ups-and-downs of family life. But, these days, children have the added stressors of technology, social media, and exposure to global crises.

Our brief "A Way of Being with Children" workshops offer practical information, strategies, and activities for teachers, parents, and caregivers. This is a FREE resource for Palm Beach County - when you are registering, contact us for the code to waive the fee.


Learning About Emotions

Resources for Children

Video resources for children that make learning about the brain and mental health fun!


Mental Health Services

Counseling and Support

Our Programs

We provide an array of mental health services and education to support children, teenagers, their families, and caregivers.

Whether you are facing everyday challenges, difficulties adjusting to life's changes, or your child has been through a traumatic experience that is impacting their mental health and wellness, we are here to support you.

Our expertise and programs are grounded in the latest research about child and adolescent mental health,  child development, trauma, and resilience.

In addition to counseling and no cost mental health consultation, we provide resources and tools to help you support your child's mental health. Click on the appointment request below to set up time to speak to our intake specialist today.

Appointment Request
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