SNAP® Program

Struggling with Your Child's Behaviors?

Stop Now And Plan (SNAP®) may help! Funded by the Florida Network of Youth and Family Services, the SNAP® Program offers FREE support for children, ages 6-11, and their parents/caregivers.

SNAP® provides children and their families effective strategies to address behaviors and increase prosocial skills that help children make better choices. SNAP® is a 13-week group program - children and their families participate in engaging activities with group discussions, role-playing, interactive games, and self-reflection to address topics such as dealing with anger, learning how to practice self-control, and using problem solving.

In addition to Boys and Girls Groups, SNAP® is also available in a classroom format. SNAP® in Schools is a 13-week, in-class curriculum, that promotes positive behavior through interactive lessons that teach conflict resolution skills, anger management, and how to deal with peer pressure and bullying. The strategies encourage prosocial skills for the whole class, helping students improve academic functioning. Teachers are active participants and are invited to continue reinforcing SNAP® skills for the whole class after program completion.

Interested in Joining a Group?

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SNAP® Works!

Research from the Child Development Institute, shows that SNAP® leads to fewer arguments at home, decreases aggressive behaviors and bullying, and promotes positive interactions with teachers, peers, and family members. It also helps reduce stress, anxiety, and improve relationships between children and their parent(s) or caregivers.

About the Program

SNAP is a trauma-informed, gender specific, evidence-based, early intervention model that teaches children with serious disruptive behaviors, and their families, how to stop and think before they act and make better choices ‘in the moment’ and throughout their lives.As a licensed SNAP Affiliate site, we are trained to provide SNAP programming to support children and families.

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SNAP®, which stands for Stop Now And Plan, is an evidence-based behavioral model that provides a framework for teaching children struggling with behavior issues, and their parents, effective emotional regulation, self-control and problem-solving skills.

The primary goal of SNAP is to keep children in school and out of trouble by helping them make better choices "in the moment."

Watch the video to learn more.

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