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"You are giving children with trauma a voice. And hope for the future."

A Message from our CEO

Every child is filled with tremendous promise – and, as a community, we have a shared obligation to foster that potential.

The stress of the past four years has been unprecedented. The current state of the world has taken a toll on everyone’s mental health, well-being, and even sense of hope for the future.

Anxiety and depression in children and teenagers is at an all-time high. We are tackling the youth mental health crisis through innovation, using a public health framework that includes prevention and early intervention. We don't have to wait for a child to fall apart emotionally before we step in and help. We simply can’t address these issues alone, so we are deeply grateful for you, our generous donors. You make our mission and work possible.

Our Impact in 2023

Building HOPE

The more we grow our children’s mental health mission, the more we rely on champions in our community to be the ultimate hope and support children need to heal from trauma and thrive.

The work we do to mitigate the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) can be enormously successful when children also know positive experiences and relationships in life. With our partners, we are creating a trauma-informed Palm Beach County and are expanding prevention and protection programs across the nation.

We are proud to present Center for Child Counseling’s 2023 Impact Report. Each story and impact point was possible because partners, donors, and believers invest in CFCC’s science-backed initiatives and step up to lead our burgeoning trauma-informed community.

Read our 2023 Community Impact Report.

Stories of HOPE

Real stories about Center for Child Counseling families are the best way to understand our impact. CLICK HERE to view the Bailey Family story and their voices.

Hailey's Story

Hailey's story is one of transformation and love. Hailey began the earliest years of her life experiencing extensive trauma. She was faced with abandonment by her biological family, and placed in the system to cope with her feelings of being "unloved" and abandoned. Read her story of hope here.

Meet Lili

Meet Kenny

Meet Sam

Meet Heather

Your Support in Action


We all see the news. War, violence, conflict, school shootings...and so much more.

Trying to make sense of a war or school shooting is difficult for most adults, much less putting into words to explain it to a child.

Through support from caring donors, we were able to launch Ways to Talk to Children in direct response to parents reaching out for help. This new initiative is tackling tough topics like sexual abuse, suicide, school shootings, war, and parents have the words and tools to soothe fears and help children feel safe.

Learn more.


Children are not born with resilience, however we can build it through positive relationships.

Our Childcare and Community Social-Emotional Wellness (CCSEW) Program has been bringing the research to practice for over 20 years.

The program uses a multilayered approach with prevention, early intervention, and mental health services for children, their teachers and adult caregivers, and families. As our flagship program, CCSEW has won many awards, including the prestigious Florida Blue Foundation Sapphire Award for advancing health equity.

Learn more.


In our nation and community, children and teenagers are facing a mental health crisis.

In the first six months of 2022, we saw the need more than triple, further complicated by a shortage of professionals in Palm Beach County.

With your support, our team facing this crisis directly, reimagining every aspect of our work to expand critical mental health services for children and teens. At times we are overwhelmed, but we are filled with hope when we hear the stories of healing. Stories that are only possible through your generosity and support.

Learn more.

Fighting ACEs and Childhood Trauma

The science tells us that in the absence of buffering relationships, chronic stress in childhood can change the architecture of the developing brain. It impacts everything--classroom behaviors, learning and comprehension, the ability to self-regulate--and heightens the risk for future health problems.

Yet, as a society, we continue to primarily invest deeply in deep-end interventions rather than addressing the root causes of so many of society’s issues – from soaring rates of teen depression and suicide, to school shootings, and the opioid epidemic. We cannot afford a "business as usual" attitude. We are at the tipping point where awareness must become action. Information alone does not change behavior; however, if we have systemic reinforcements, we can create a coordinated effort for tangible, sustainable change. Read our white paper below.

Prevention is the Solution.


Your support is why children and families are able to heal, change, and become more resilient.

Looking to make a real difference with your giving? Opportunities are ready for action.
How your investment in trauma information and training is getting in front of ACEs.
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