Abigail Beebe, Chair of Florida Bar Family Law Section, Chooses Center for Child Counseling for $5,000 Award

Courtesy of Capehart Photography
Representatives of Center for Child Counseling, Eddie Stephens and Lauren Scirrotto, accepting the award from Abigail Beebe.

The 2018-2019 Chair of The Florida Bar Family Law Section, Abigail Beebe, has selected Center for Child Counseling as the recipient of a $5,000 annual honorarium which is awarded each year to a deserving local nonprofit selected by the outgoing chair for their work on behalf of children interacting with the judicial system.

June 28, 2019: West Palm Beach: The area of family law in Florida’s courts present some of the most challenging and emotional cases in the legal system. Situations involving children and families can be sensitive at best and fraught with tension and anger at worst. That’s why the outgoing Chair of the Florida Bar Association’s Family Law Section, Abigail Beebe, awarded a $5,000 honorarium to a local childhood mental health nonprofit, Center for Child Counseling, which works to help children and families experiencing trauma and abuse begin to heal. “I wanted to select an organization that was getting to the root of what causes so many of our families’ issues in the first place,” explains Beebe. “Center for Child Counseling addresses adversity in individual homes and families interacting with the court system as well as social inequity in the community at large. They bring a special kind of compassion and commitment to their work and really advocate for the best interests of our children.” The honorarium is allocated to the outgoing Chair each year to be awarded at their discretion.

Lauren Scirrotto, LMHC, Chief Program Officer and Eddie Stephens, Board Member (and Family Law Section Member) accepted the check on behalf of Center for Child Counseling. “I work with the Center because I know the effects Adverse Childhood Experiences had on my life as I was growing up,” says Stephens who is an equity partner at Ward Damon. “It’s so important to provide children with positive adult role models that can help buffer the effects of this kind of adversity and keep children on a healthy path in life.”

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