What are the qualifications of CFCC therapists?

Center for Child Counseling therapists are highly trained, with an array of experience and expertise in the field. Our organization has a robust training program and our interns are closely supervised by licensed staff with advanced training and credentials in a variety of best practice and evidence-based approaches.

All of our clinical staff are licensed or working toward licensure with degrees in mental health counseling, clinical social work, psychology, or marriage and family therapy. Our therapists have experience and training in a variety of evidence-based treatment models, which simply means they have been proven effective for use with children, teenagers, and their parents and families..

Our therapists include Registered Play Therapists (this means they have completed a minimum of 150 hours of Play Therapy education and 300 – 600 hours of supervision by a Registered Play Therapy Supervisor) or are working toward the credential under the supervision of a Registered Play Therapist or Play Therapist Supervisor.

All credentials are explained during the pre-screening and/or intake process.

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