CfCC Welcomes a New Board Member!

Dr. Jennifer Konsker, Pediatrician Joins Board of Directors

Jennifer Elena Konsker, MD FAAP

We are pleased to anounce that Dr. Jennifer Konsker, pediatrician, has joined the Board of Directors at Center for Child Counseling.

Dr. Konsker has lived in Palm Beach County with her husband, Randy, and two sons, now teenagers, since 2001. They are active in the community, participating in various organizations and events; generally related to helping meet the needs of people and animals. 

Dr. Konsker has been practicing General Pediatrics for Pediatric Associates in South Florida for more than sixteen years, since completing her residency at Mount Sinai in NYC.  She is a graduate of Columbia University's School of Engineering and worked as an Industrial Engineer for a healthcare consulting firm before switching career paths to follow her calling - to help and heal with the hopes of making a difference in our world. 

Dr. Konsker's medical training (medical school and residency) focused extensively on mental health, where she realized the importance of the mind, body, and spirit connection. Since then, she has focused on all three elements when treating her patients and families.

Dr. Konsker is a founder and active member of Pediatric Associates’ Brain Health Committee and has instituted an on-site/in-office mental health guidance program within several offices to help meet the mental health needs of the children and families in the practice.  She is a participant of Samaritan’s 365, an organization which teaches school-aged children about kindness and compassion through community service projects that give back and help those in need in our community. She is also a part of the CoCo Coalition, which reaches out to trauma-exposed youth with trauma-informed based yoga and meditation programs. Jennifer continuously practices and studies yoga, meditation and mindfulness, incorporating it into her life and work.

When it comes to mental health and our youth, Dr. Konsker realizes that so much more needs to be done and that intervention needs to happen earlier in life. Helping and healing patients and their families, as well as her volunteer experiences has made it obvious that mental health help, healing and education must begin prenatally and continue in infancy and early childhood. 

Jennifer believes it is time that the gap between practicing physicians and the mental health community is filled. It is time for physicians to be more aware of early childhood mental health issues, and to have resources to make a difference.

Dr. Konsker hopes that by joining the Center of Child Counseling's Board of Directors, she can help fill that gap through reaching out to and educating other physicians as well as personally contributing to the Center and its programs as a Board member.

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