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Clinical Internship Program


At the Center for Child Counseling, we have a clinical internship program that offers a variety of experiences for Bachelor's and Master's level interns attending local and online universities. 

Our interns receive in-depth training and supervision so they graduate with a solid foundation in the use of effective strategies for working with children and their families. Interns have the opportunity to provide individual, dyadic, and family services at our Child and Family Center in Palm Beach Gardens, where they can utilize state-of-the-art learning tools at the Hartman Learning Center, generously funded by Ruth Hartman. Our beautiful Play Therapy room at the Palm Healthcare Pavilion offers an additional learning environment, thanks to the generous support of the Palm Healthcare Foundation. Interns also have the opportunity to provide an array of services at childcare centers, including individual and group play therapy, geared towards very  young children and their caregivers. 

Meet Anna Jorge: MSW Intern from Edinboro University

My name is Anna Jorge and I'm a first year MSW (Master's of Social Work) intern with the Center for Child Counseling. My MSW program offers online classes with Edinboro University, over the course of 2 years (full-time). 

I was born and raised in the Palm Beach Gardens area and graduated from the University of Florida in May, 2014 (Go Gators)! I began my internship in August 2014 and it has been an incredible experience. The Center for Child Counseling is filled with knowledgeable, compassionate, friendly, and skilled staff members who work to provide the best experience, not only for clients, but for interns as well. I consider myself incredibly blessed to be a part of this team and I look forward to continuing my internship through May of 2016!

For more information about the Center for Child Counseling's internship program, please call 561-244-9499 ext. 3 or email Clarissa DeWitt

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