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Ways to Talk to Children about Grief

FREE Online, On-Demand Workshop

Grief is the intense emotional reaction and distress in response to loss, usually associated with death.

However, grief can encompass significantly more experiences than just death – separation or the ending of a close relationship, can also bring about elements of grief.

A very natural process, and often a significant part of processing and moving beyond the pain and suffering to create new direction and a shift in daily life.

Grief, however, often brings many uncomfortable emotions which most of us find difficult to experience and express.

The thought of having to explain grief to a child, can leave us feeling us feeling uncertain as to how to approach the subject and ways to do so in a sensitive manner to avoid causing unnecessary distress for the child.

This 80-minute workshop is FREE. Take this online, on-demand workshop to learn how to address grief with children and ways to help them cope.

Ways to Talk to Child about Grief offers practical advice and strategies to approach this difficult conversation. In this workshop, you will learn:

    •    * What grief is and how children grieve,

    •    * Developmental stages and the impact on grief,

    •    * Parent regulation and ways to encourage self-expression, and

    •    * How to prepare for the conversation about grief.

Visit our Ways to Talk to Children page for resources and information on addressing other tough topics with children and teens, including sexual abuse, school shootings, war, and divorce.


Please note: This is an online workshop that can be taken at your convenience. Once registered, you will have 24/7 on-demand access for 30 days.

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