Effective Counseling for Children and Families

Our Mission

We strive to strengthen and empower children and families through prevention, early intervention, and treatment services that support their social-emotional wellness and growth.

The Center for Child Counseling is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides prevention, early intervention, and quality mental health services for children and families in Palm Beach County. Our services focus on promoting social-emotional health and wellness, allowing children and caregivers reach their full potential. To achieve our mission, we also provide an array of educational, supervision, and training opportunities for students and professionals, focusing on promoting effective strategies for working with children and their caregivers. 

  • Children's Behavioral Health Collaborative

Our Impact in the Community

Last year, over 500 at-risk children living in high-risk neighborhoods, received prevention and early intervention services through the Center for Child Counseling to ensure that they have the best start in life.

Who is an at-risk child? Young children living in environments characterized by ongoing exposure to violence, abuse, and neglect...these children are at enormous risk for the development of persistent concerns that lead to negative physical and emotional health outcomes later in life. 1 in 4 young children in Palm Beach County live in poverty, a significant risk factor for exposure to an array of adverse experiences that negatively impacts brain development. Early intervention is the key to healthy outcomes.

Our Mission and Vision

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Building Strong and Resilient Families

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Promoting Healthy Parent-Child Relationships

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Promoting Clinical Excellence and Practice

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