CFCC Joins Florida Network to Build Healthier, More Resilient Children and Families

Center for Child Counseling has been selected as Palm Beach County's new provider for the Stop Now and Plan (SNAP®) Program, an award-winning, evidence-based counseling program developed in Canada in the 1980s. Originally designed for boys 6 to 11 engaging in aggressive, anti-social behaviors, the program has expanded to include gender-specific programming for boys and girls under the age of 12, as well as SNAP® in Schools, a classroom-based group curriculum.

The Florida Network, in partnership with the Department of Juvenile Justice, has operated SNAP® in Florida since 2015; the program is now available in 20 counties throughout the state.

Center for Child Counseling is the outstanding choice to operate the program in Palm Beach County where we have focused on child and family mental health for the past 21 years. "We are proud to partner with The Florida Network to implement this program locally," says Renée Layman, CEO at Center for Child Counseling. "We know that children who start engaging in negative behaviors as pre-teens are more likely to continue these behaviors into adulthood. SNAP works with children and families to promote prosocial behaviors and positive interactions. Since we focus on prevention and early intervention in all our work, SNAP's approach aligns perfectly with our mission."

SNAP® uses an evidence-based behavioral framework that teaches children struggling with behavioral issues, along with their parents, to effectively regulate their emotions and use self-control and problem-solving skills. Our trained team will be able to implement SNAP® virtually, supporting children, teachers, and parents during this stressful time.

Lauren Maldonado, Clinical Program Manager for the Florida Network says her organization believes in SNAP® because it not only empowers youth, but also their parents, caregivers and siblings, positively impacting the whole community. “SNAP® offers parents the opportunity to intervene and encourage their children to stay in control and keep their problems small using the skills that they’ve learned.”

SNAP® short and long-term outcomes include:

  • Teach strategies to increase pro-social skills,
  • Help youth stay in school and out of trouble by making better choices,
  • Promote the immediate decrease in delinquency and aggression,
  • Encourage positive interactions with teachers, peers, and family members,
  • Reduce stress and anxiety,
  • Improve relationships between children and their parents, and
  • Encourage youth to say “no” to an unhealthy or troubled future.

For more information about SNAP®, CLICK HERE.

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